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The Polka Fest parade travels through downtown Cedar, Michigan. This free event will feature Polka Fest Royalty both young and old, Polish dancers, classic cars, lots of balloons as well as a few other surprises.

Cedar Polka Fest Parade Rules

  • Any Entries sponsored by advocating for or depicting any political organization or controversial issues, social issues are NOT permitted. The goal and purpose of the parades are specific and un-flexible.
    • Only seated official representatives elected by the people are permitted in the parade and are by invitation only. NO CAMPAIGNING IS ALLOWED.
    • All units are required to maintain a forward motion
  • Items must be entertaining to the crowd – no solicitation, no noise makers, no political or election material allowed
  • All handouts including type of candy MUST be approved by the Parade Director.
  • All soft candies and candy with nuts are prohibited on the parade route.
  • Candy must be handed out on foot, candy thrown from moving floats/vehicles is prohibited.
    • Anyone caught throwing candy from float vehicles will be removed.

All entries having music or sound amplifying systems shall maintain a volume that will not interfere with other entries, especially those with animals. If a unit is informed by a Parade official that the noise generated by their unit is too loud; they shall immediately turn the volume down.

  • Motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, or other motorized vehicles not licensed for road use are deemed unacceptable unless approved by the Parade Director prior to day of parade.
  • Drivers of motorized vehicles licensed for road use must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driver’s license.
  • Motorized units must be equipped with a Class ABC fire extinguisher. All units will be checked for this item at line-up time.
  • Each unit is required to have their own CLEAN UP CREW. Failure to provide a clean-up crew or equivalent will result in being removed from the parade.
  • Parade dress for horse riders is desired.
  • Animals must be controlled by means of a harness, halter, or leash, if not otherwise contained.
  • Driver must stay with vehicle at all times.
  • No float may exceed 13.5 feet in height and 21 feet in width. Please measure the total entry length, including the vehicle, tow bar, and float to ensure sufficient spacing for the staging area.
  • Floats must be in good taste for a family event.
  • All float sponsors are to be contained on a 3 feet x 3 feet board. Units will be inspected for unapproved advertising, sponsor mentions, etc. All unauthorized advertising will be removed.
  • Floats must be equipped with a Class ABC fire extinguisher. All units will be checked for this item at line-up time.
  • Walkers are permitted to walk behind a float not alongside of it and may be used to give out handouts.
  • All walkers must be dressed to the look and feel of the float. Do not look like you are part of the crowd walking behind a float.

Parade Sign Up

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Parade Sign Up
I have a read and agree to the parade rules.

Parade Pomp

Clown Band
Cedar Polka Fest Princess
Cedar Polka Fest Princess
Tribe dressed up for Cedar Polka Fest Parade
Tribe dressed up for Cedar Polka Fest Parade
Parade with the Jr. Dance Group at Cedar Polka Fest
Parade with Tractor at Cedar Polka Fest
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